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Second International Meeting of the temp'ora Association

After the success of its first International meeting in Bordeaxu, France, in 2012, the International Association temp’ora is organizing its Second International Meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria, between August 26th and 30th, 2013 in partnership with the International Research and Information Centre Thracica and the Bulgarian National Music School Lyubomir Pipkov.

Tempora will welcome 49 participants from 23 countries; Italy, Greece, France, Slovakia, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Great Britain, USA, Egypt, Venezuela, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Armenia, Poland, Azerbaijan, Israel, Japan, Sweden, and Bulgaria.

At least one concert, on August 30th at 19h00 in the hall of NMU Sofia, has been planned. The concerts of temp’ora will be free of charge and open to the public. Whenever they are not rehearsing, the participants will present workshops, masterclasses, individual and group projects.

temp’ora’s meeting and Thracica’s participation in Bulgarian media - previews

July 27 2013, “Trud” daily

August 18 2013, Focus news agency

August 22 2013, Bulgarian telegraph agency (full text accessible only to subscribers)

August 22-28, Azbuki newspaper

August 26 2013, “Hristo Botev” national radio, Artefir

For questions: contact [at] tempora-site [dot] org and secretary-general [at] thracica [dot] com

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