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Derveni Papyrus

Authour: Alexander Fol

The faith of the spoken word becomes equal to the ritual agon. It is not being devoted to but being initiated into. The initiation consists of learning how, when, and where the naming could be properly exercised so that what is named could become a bow-string letting the believer fly toward the Know- ledge. If the Zagreus’s faith is a being into suffering, the Sabazius’s one goes through it. Hence the two constitute the oral orphism as a trust in deathless- ness. The deathlessness of the believer consists of his mediation between the living who hold on their trust and the god. The god is believed as intellectual mediator, as daimon with a body of energy, and this daimon passes from the doctrinal to the astral initiation into the divine Memory-Knowledge. This transition is achievable by means of training for remembering in kinds of Time. The namedness what, i.e., the non-articulated essence, can not be remembered in the for- or forwardness of the finite or infinite Linear time where it could create a theological problem. It appears in the for- and forwardness of the Mythological, the Cyclic, the Agonistic and the Doctrinal (heroic, gradual, and spiral) time through the namednesses how, when, and where. Thus the non-articulated essence of the divine Memory-Knowledge bears the touch of a way of thinking which does not formalize the cause-effect set of discerning-knowing-naming but creates it monoscenically/synoptically, daimonically, by choice, and epiphanically.
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